Follow Your Dreams

I left the town where I was raised years ago, and many people in that town told me not to go. They gave me their many reasons NOT to go, but in my mind it was time to GO! I felt that I had grown as far as I could in that town and now it was time for me to see where my life could grow even more; more than I could ever expect. I knew in my soul there was more to see and experience outside of those surroundings than my imagination could see.

Here I am several years later, and yes, I was right! There was more room to grow, more life to live and even more learning to experience. The move was a game changer for my life, but if I had believed in the stories of "why I shouldn't leave" it would have kept me in the tangled net of limitations, and in the limiting feelings of what I had felt was blocking my chances of growth.

As I continue to learn and change I know there'll always be a few voices in the group that will whisper their limitations of doubt. I've learned to trust in my own thoughts and feelings no matter how hard they are, and to trust that when I step out in faith my steps will be supported.

When you trust the thoughts and feelings of others over what you think, what shows up for you? Is it a life of what you want or a life you don't want? We, individually must trust enough in ourselves in order to step boldly into the life we dream of, and step out of the life that is complacent by following the safe plan.

I was told to play it "safe." Safe was not for me; following my heart and passion was, and that's when Kaprice Designs was born. It's who I am, not what I do that makes this life exciting!