I live a soulfully and creative life. I usually see what most people don't see. Being creative is freeing! It takes you places that most never dream of going. It's an expression of love. It's what you feel when you wear a piece of art that's filled with the excitement for the love of art.

I'm beginning a new series that excites me to create! I guess you could say that clay has been my first love when it comes to a medium of art, with abstract painting being my second love. I've gone from sculpturing clay busts to clay pots, and now I'm using PMC Silver, Bronze, and Polymer Clays to create my jewelry.

I guess that "abstract" part of me comes out in my  Polymer Clay pieces, as well as the visual images and thoughts of inspiration that come out in my PMC pieces. None the less it's all fun to create as I never know what the outcomes will be or even look like. Basically, I like the surprise and beauty of it all!

I hope that you enjoy what you will see, as much as I enjoyed designing and making it. If you feel a connection with a piece that catches your eye don't fight it, because it's meant to be for YOU!